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Aspiring entrepreneur or a new startup? Wondering where to start? We have gathered all the info to give you a Optimal Start! 

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When starting a business there are some initial hurdles and bumps you have to maneuver past. We know the process in and out and will use our experience to put you in a position to be successful.

Protect Your Idea

If you get a great idea you should patent it. Learn how!

Startup Funding

Learn how to effectively fund your new startup and get going!

Build Your Team

Learn how to effectively build a superstar team for your startup!

Making an Impact With Advertising

These days posting classified advertisements might seem quite old-fashioned, but let’s not underestimate its productivity when it is posted at the correct places.

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Survive and Thrive

The competition is fierce. There is no way around it and there is no use in sugarcoating it. To survive as a startup you simply need a edge on your competition. One way of gaining that edge is getting the best resources at the best prices. We will get you the best deals!

Million new startups launched every year according to GEM


Of these new startups will never make it beyond the 4th year

Home Based Jobs: Are They Any Good?

Let’s Take A Peek Into Home Based Jobs The age old beliefs and practices are witnessing major changes and the newly changed methods are much more acceptable. The traditional ways are not fitting into the fast paced lives of many. Yes, everything needs to be welcomed...

Startup Funding Explained

Wonder how startup funding works?

Get two different points of view from this video and article.

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