These days posting classified advertisements might seem quite old-fashioned, but let’s not underestimate its productivity when it is posted at the correct places. Advertisements work as an excellent medium or bridge between the products and services to its aimed demographic. There are paid and free advertisements posting sites.

Paid sites generally cater to get your advertisements to the needed demographic directly and quickly with non-stop ads, but normally you would have to pay a lot for it and sometimes it might not be worth it. There are plenty of free ad posting sites on the internet, but not all of them are equally good as few others which dominate the market.  Here we have made a list of few useful and trustworthy ad posting sites, which might come in handy when required:

1)    eBay

One of the most popular free sites for advertisement, eBay is now a huge multinational company which was set up in 1995. eBay serves its users, by a customer-customer or business to business relationships, in the market, through the Internet. Ebay is active in 30+ countries presently, which makes them the biggest tech company in the world in the advertisement. Ebay is mainly used for advertisements for wares and services from your locality and the world. Blindly trusted by many, this could the best site to post an ad.

2) Craigslist

Craigslist used to be the most popular and used site for posting an ad. Though this might be, one of the few traditional websites that survived, its success rate is still very high. Craigslist has different sections for different types of advertisements to be posted. It has lists for housing, job listing, personal services, events, gigs, services, community and places to post résumés and other discussion forums. Though they have an outdated user interface, Craiglist still goes strong.

3) OLX

Olx or better known as Letgo, lets the users post their own ads. Letgo is a multinational company, catering to different states with different sub-brand or different name. It provides the users to post all kinds of ads like jobs, pets, cars, personals, housing, and others. Olx lets the user post pictures and videos of their products, thus making your offer more lucrative. This site lets you post your ads on social media and informs you about a buyer or a seller, increasing your total reach.

4) BackPage

Backpage is one of the most popular sites internationally. Started in America, back page has now successfully globally expanded to Europe and Asia.

You can post anything and everything under the sun on backpage. Every other genre is subdivided into general categories. You can look for things like the local places around, community, any kind of trade, musician and local gigs, rentals, automotive, real estate, dating, jobs and other adult services.

5) GumTree

Though Gumtree isn’t available throughout the world, it is a huge presence in the Uk, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Gum tree is a popular spot to put ads of cars, pets, merchandise, furniture, and other services. This is a very user-friendly site, making it very popular among countries it is active in. It’s much like Europe’s Craigslist.

6) Classified Ads

It is a free site and very straight forward in nature for the user. It has a very useful and defined search bar. It’s simplicity still makes it one of the most used free advertisement posting sites. Thus signifying more views and offers for your product or services. Classified allows its users to post the ad first, before them having to give their account details and information. This has Html links, which would directly connect you with the website.


Oodle acts as a huge aggregator of advertisement listings from various sites like eBay, ForRent, eBay and etc. The best and the most exciting thing about oodle is how compatible is it, with other social media sites. OODLE had helped Facebook to set up their marketplace, which is now a good place to post your ads, and posting it on Oodle would directly link that your Facebook account. The design of this site is quite simple, boosting its popularity.

8) Adpost

Adpost, very much like Craigslist is another huge advertisement listing site but has way more Global impact than that of Craigslist. So this is the place where you’d be looking for, when you want a proper global audience for your listing or have a proper network. Though it needs to upgrade its UI, the simplified and old style does make it easy for many users.

9) Hoobly

Another site which appears to be similar to Craigslist, but Hoobly is much more secure than the former. As a pro or a con for its user, Hoobly needs you to register with your email first, then you can post as many ads as you want. This reduces the chances of spammers and frauds to act here. One can freely browse and once they register all the ad listings would be free for them.

10) Locanto

Locanto is rather a modern and developed free classified advertisement listing page. Locanto has a wide range of option of an ad to be posted on and once you’ve posted it, the listing remains valid till the next 60 days, after which you might have to put the advertisement once again.  Locanto, let’s is user to post images, links and lets their user to access other social media sites, to increase the reach of their listing. Locanto handles traffic the best, so chances of error in this site is very less.


Advertisements become crucial when You start a business and investing your money in smart ad sites might help you to boost your product and give you a Global Audience for it. These few sites are the top places to post your advertisements but do it wisely.

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